Today is the day that I become single again
after negotiating in the past year
it has finally come to the end
although that we decide to sign the paper long ago
but we have been waiting and waiting
When the moment comes
the moment when we sign the papers
the moment when my identity has become single
It was such a relieve for me….

Now I can be brave and move on to my new life….
My brand new life without marriage!!!

A very big congratulations to me!!!

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  1. Dear Annie,
    It is a big decision in life. You are a brave woman for making this
    decision. I am sure everything will turn out great for you.
    May you cheish each and every day…
    版主回覆:(01/15/2009 09:42:57 PM)
    Thank-you for your wishes…
    I'm sure everything will turn out great in future!
    Good Luck to u too lo!!!

  2. My dear..
    I know it's not easy.. but finally…
    Anyway… God bless you~
    Don't forget…Always you have us next to you~
    And… Always…I love you~
    版主回覆:(01/15/2009 09:44:45 PM)
    Thank you for been there for me all the time
    I really appreciate and thank god everyday that I got u
    Will love u always….